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    Non-profit organization with a track record of 15 years

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          1. Annual shipment of the container to Togo

            1. * Click on the image for more details Friday, 18 May 2018
            2. Each year better organized, and this, was not going to be less. Complete success in sending the container to Togo, thanks to the donations made during the year.

              A special thanks to the volunteers who have participated in the loading and preparation of the container. This would not be possible without them. Thank you very much !

              Mattresses for sleeping, school material, sanitary material, food. As every year, they are destined and distributed by the Takeli Foundation throughout the country of Togo.

              Google map +34-958-582-143
        1. Our main objectives

        1. Would you like to participate in a project?
          • Helping is every day more accessible, simple and safe, but above all it generates greater impact thanks to new technologies. You can participate in any of our activities and / or in the development and maintenance of our projects. You can use the platform to make a completely personalized contribution. Depending on your interests, possibilities, abilities or even cultural tastes or languages, in a comfortable way, you will find all the projects and activities that we do and put them at your fingertips, keeping all the information constantly updated.

          • * Volunteering

            There are different ways of volunteering. On the one hand, in the city of Granada, Spain where the donations are organized and classified to be sent later, or on the other hand, to travel with the Foundation to Togo in their solidary trip during the month of August.

            The Takeli Foundation requires volunteers during the year to organize, classify, order and take care of the container that is sent annually with all the donated material.

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          • * Sponsor a child

            Families with children living in extreme poverty do not have the minimum resources to survive, which forces them to send their children to the countryside to work.

            This is why the Takieli Foundation manages a sponsorship system through which, thanks to a small economic aid to these families, it allows them to school their children. A way to fight against child labor and improve education.

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          • * Become a partner

            You can sign up as a member of the Takeli Foundation and make a periodic financial contribution, thus adding to the movement to fight for the needs of the African country of Togo, West Africa.

            The constant contributions do not have to be of large amounts, since a small constant economic contribution has a notorious impact on the growth of the foundation and with it in the creation of new projects and in the execution of them.

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          • * Punctual donation

            If you still do not know what kind of contribution to make, we encourage you to make a minimal contribution completely made to your needs.

            It is very simple, for this, we encourage you to visit our projects, and add to the list those that you consider most important by clicking on the "I would like to help" button.

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      1. Here I leave a video, in the one sees a dance of welcome to the town of boyonde, observe with what little these people make music and the rhythm that they have !!! Enjoy it!
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        1. This summer, next destination, Togo, West Africa.

          Plane taking off on a sunset. It symbolizes the departure of the next solidarity trip of the Takeli Foundation
          2 years ago | Friday, 5 January 2018
          * Click on the image for more details
        2. Return of the solidary trip 2017

          Nursery children with school supplies Togo West Africa
          3 years ago | Thursday, 10 August 2017
          * Click on the image for more details
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        4. Third well of drinking water

          * Click on the image for more details
          Project duration: 2015 - 2015
        5. Fourth drinking water well made by the FT. This time, solar panels.

          * Click on the image for more details
          Project duration: 2015 - 2015
        6. Construction of a School Farm

          * Click on the image for more details
          Project duration: 2015 - 2015
        7. WC cabins

          * Click on the image for more details
          Project duration: 2009 - 2010
        8. Construction Bodjondé Hostel

          * Click on the image for more details
          Project duration: 2007 - 2008
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