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      • It all started one day when Dyssyrama Benthana Takeli Bodjona, president of the foundation, received a letter from a relative residing in his country, Togo. This letter communicated the expulsion of a relative from the educational center due to an economic failure to pay school fees.

      • Ramón Takeli, as they usually know him, did not believe the event, being a teacher in Spain, and a native of Togo. He knows very well that schooling does not cost more than € 5, and at that moment, he felt he had to do something important.

      • Ramón, as his friends know him, feels privileged to have obtained a UNESCO scholarship, which allowed him to carry out some advanced studies and leave his country to finally dedicate himself to teaching at the Mulhacén school in Granada, Spain.

      • After seeing the potential that could have the creation of an NGO, led and managed by someone born in the country of destination (knowledge of culture, language, dialects ...), and earmarked primarily to improve education. Ramón together with friends and other teachers decided to create the Takeli Foundation and fight to improve the quality of life of the people in their homeland.

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      • Trajectory

      • The Takeli Foundation was constituted in 2005, in Granada, Spain, since then and thanks in particular to the volunteers and donations, it has been possible to carry out a multitude of events, projects, material deliveries, volunteer trips and much more.

      • Some of the most common events of the foundation are the solidary dinners, annual shipping of a container full of resources (toys, school supplies, health, medicines ..), solidarity trip during the month of August.

      • Each of these events will be announced in different social networks with time in advance. Also on the official website, news section. If you wish you can participate as a volunteer or make some contribution of material or logistical support such as transportation.

      • Every year, during the month of August a solidary trip of 10-15 days is made with the aim of knowing and carrying out activities in Togo, West Africa. We always try to visit different villages, led by Ramón Takeli, president of the foundation who, thanks to the knowledge of the language and dialects, it is possible to reach the deepest and most needy places in the country.

      1. Goals

      2. 1) Contribute to the development of early childhood education, primary and secondary in all areas where it operates, through the application and educational use in the centers built.

      3. 2) Contribute to the eradication of child labor in the areas where we work, facilitating their social integration through schooling with quality children who suffer this situation.

      4. 3) The management, promotion, promotion, dissemination, protection and defense of the cultural heritage of the area where we work.

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